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Providing the criminal defense representation every client needs. Advocating for you in charges involving federal or state misdemeanors and felonies.

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Criminal Charges Are Serious Matters

Criminal accusations can be overwhelming and stressful. The legal process is complicated and long, prosecutors and police officers are trying to get you to speak (and incriminate yourself), and you may find yourself facing significant fines or jail time.

In situations like these, you need a lawyer who is ready to defend you and protect your rights at every step. It is your right to have an attorney on your side, and I am ready to represent you.

The Representation You Need

I am attorney Brandon F. Douglass Esq. From my firm, The Law Office of Brandon F. Douglass, in Redwood, California, I have helped many clients get the representation and advocacy they need. Whether you have been charged with a DUI, drug charges, domestic violence or attempted murder, I want to help you. Everyone deserves an attorney who is willing to fight for them.

I will work with you directly from start to finish, focusing always on protecting your rights and privacy while mitigating the potentially life-changing consequences these kinds of charges can bring. With my years of experience, you can be confident in my ability to produce results and defend you at every step.

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As a trial lawyer, I am ready for anything. I will explore every option and only move forward with the one that best protects you and your interests. I offer free initial consultations for all of my clients, so do not wait to get the advice and advocacy you need. Contact me today by calling 650-260-1594 or sending an email.

I represent clients throughout San Mateo County and the surrounding areas.


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